What is the difference between Mammography and 3D mammography (tomosynthesis)?

It provides more detail, more accuracy in diagnosis and more peace of mind for the patient. With 3D mammography radiologists can detect abnormalities that aren’t detected by traditional mammograms. This new technology creates 3D breast images that help radiologist to detect breast cancer earlier than previously possible, this results in a far better recovery rate from breast cancer due to the earlier detection of the cancer.

What is contrast enhanced mammography?

Contrast enhanced mammography is a quick breast imaging technique which combines 3D Tomosynthesis digital mammography with an intravenous contrast agent. It is able to show new or unusual blood flow patterns that develop when cancers grow. These highlighted areas make it easier to identify any cancer earlier. It provides additional information beyond a conventional mammogram.

Is there any special preparation for a contrast enhanced mammogram?

You may be asked to fast for 2 hours and drink plenty of water before arriving for the procedure. You will also need a blood test before your appointment to check your renal function.

What to bring:

• Referral from your doctor.
• Previous films and/or reports.
• Method of payment including Medicare, Health or Pension Card.
• For WorkCover claims, you will need the claim number, claim officer’s name and phone number, and any other relevant details.